Check out what these yoga teachers have to say about their experiences as a Certified Yoga Gangsters Guru!

“Terri Cooper and her team are a gift to our community as they pave a clear path of wellness for many. I was honestly not sure what to expect when I attended the Outreach Training Course, but I knew Terri from our community as a beautiful soul and kick-ass yoga teacher. So when I was given the opportunity to learn about the god-given gift she and Yoga Gangsters are doing for our community, I had to experience it for myself. Wow! It was much more than I expected. It was presented in a very detailed manner, based off collective personal experiences and programming that Yoga Gangsters has done with various areas/centers in need of finding some peace. What I have gathered is that whether or not you choose to go into centers that are in need or areas where individuals are dealing with trauma, unfortunately trauma is everywhere. It can show up in your super fabulous studio yoga classes, in a loved one, or maybe even you with you personally. When you hold the title of Yoga Teacher, people come to you for help and you may have a big karmic path to give back and help. Well…what do you do? Are you prepared for it?  I was not…But now I am. This is a valuable training that provides tools to help those in need and a must-attend for all wellness professionals.”Lisa Pumper, E-RYT 

“My experience at the Outreach Certification Workshop was and still is amazing. I learned a lot about myself and discovered new ways of teaching Yoga.  Terri Cooper creatively and authentically delivered the knowledge and information in highest of quality and this still resonates with me today.  I found a new and profound love, reverence and passion toward the ancient practice of yoga and teaching the same. Most importantly my heart and soul opened with a deep appreciation towards humanity allowing myself to connect within by connecting with others taking my practice and teaching to the next level.  This is truly a blessing of divine wisdom and new age teacher training technique. I’m honored.” –Pablo Lucero, RYT-200

“My experience spreading the message of Yoga as a Yoga Gangster is an experience that fills my heart and makes my life so much more purposeful. After teaching a class to 2nd graders, one of the children stayed after everyone had left, this young boy, I was told, never said much, teachers tried very hard to reach out to him. Well, he stood in the room as I was cleaning up and knowing about him, I did not say anything until he finally communicated with me….He tapped me on the arm and with his inhale he began to lift his little arms and soon get himself to Tree Pose!!! His eyes, his expression was better than any words….it was MAGICAL!!  Terri knows how powerful this can be, I am sure she is guided by these moments and she is doing an amazing job! Being a Yoga Gangster is a gift, and I am blessed to be part of her intention.”Sandy Moreno Papdimitriou, RYT-300

“As a part of my outreach work with Yoga Gangsters, I taught yoga to underprivileged elementary school children in a 6-week program. Training with Yoga Gangsters prepared me with the tools to teach the kids in a way that created a supportive environment for their learning and enjoyment. I also had the humbling opportunity to get into beginner’s mind with the students, something yoga teachers can easily forget. Thank you, Yoga Gangsters for this amazing experience!” – Gabriel Axel, RYT-200

“The Yoga Gangsters training has completely transformed my classes as a teacher and the students are LOVING it and asking for more class time. I’m empowered every time I step off my mat and am beyond grateful for the tools and breakthroughs!!! Thanks for all you do and keep up the amazing work!” – Jodi Weiner, RYT-200

sraddha “The weekend-long training offered by Yoga Gangsters is an amazing opportunity to dive into the depths of understanding how we energetically connect to others. Emotions during the weekend fully arise in order to truly understand one’s own stuff that we carry around so that we can leave it aside when stepping into the rooms to help others. The training is less about how to teach yoga postures to kids and more about how to relate. The program is very focused on being of service to the communities that can use it most, that would not have found yoga otherwise and to invite a deeper sense of inner peace into their lives. I felt emotionally provoked during the weekend in a way that really allowed me to feel my heart’s desire to connect with at-risk youth.”

Many Blessings, – Sraddha Pavia

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