Program Testimonials

March 2014: “YG has been really wonderful with our youth. It helped many of them with anger management, especially since we supported the yoga sessions with lessons about anger throughout the 6 weeks. When some of the students start to get angry during program time, I refer back to what we learned during our yoga session; specifically the breathing techniques. I encourage them to always remember what we learned during our session about have the power to control your body and your reactions. The 6 weeks were very exciting for most of our students, they loved the learned move and we even provided a few students with free yoga mats so they can practice at home. It was a really wonderful experience. Mera Boulus, Assistant Program Manager, Branches Fulford


“I am so grateful that we were able to bring Yoga to our young ladies in our adolescent program.  It has been an excellent asset.  It is so important for the youth to find healthy and positive ways to express themselves.  Our girls look forward to the classes every week and the instructors are so helpful and sensitive to the population we work with.” – Elyse Dermer, MS – Adolescent Program Coordinator, The Village South

“The children look forward to Yoga Tuesday with Marisol.  The yoga
sessions she provides creates a quiet environment separating the
children from the noisy hospital setting.  It allows the children to
become actively engaged while improving their range of motion, posture
as well as balance.  They also enjoy the freedom of becoming animals
through their yoga poses.”Vanessa Strauss – Pediatric Physical Therapist, Jackson Pediatric Center

Dear Marisol,How can I express my thanks for your amazing support and presentations at Jump into Spring? Our girls and mentors were thrilled to experience yoga with you all. You made the planning so simple, I couldn’t be more grateful. I look forward to more ways for our organizations to collaborate in the future. In fact, I will be doing your outreach training in June!  Stay Strong, Autumn Elizabeth and the Strong Women, Strong Girls Staff

“I feel that yoga has become a great outlet for our kids.  It is something that they look forward to every Tuesday, and always find an opportunity to teach others the yoga techniques in which they have learned.  Because we deal mostly with hyperactive children, yoga has taught them proper breathing and relaxation techniques that they can use in their everyday life, especially when concentrating in school.   I am very thankful for the services that Yoga Gangsters has provided to our children because it has exposed them to something new & different, educational and fun.” – Shanna Chow – Activities Coordinator,  Carrfour Supportive Housing, Inc.

“Thank you for your support for Miami Northwestern’s First Annual Health Fair. Despite its first year in conception and the weather condition, we were able to serve over 100 members of the Liberty City community. I want to make explicit that you have left an extremely positive impact on the Liberty City community on April 28th and how much participants loved the yoga portion.” – Rahim Ismail

“I like yoga because it helps me in school, because it helps me relax especially in math because when I’m relaxed I concentrate more and do better in my class.”Yilena, age 13

“Yoga makes me happy because it stretches my body and cracks me (LOL).”  –Yanaisa, age 9


*****Please mail donation checks to Yoga Gangsters, PO Box 771978, Coral Springs, 33077

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