Studio Partnerships – 2016

We love your desire to be part of the movement and found a way you can support us all year round!

Join the rest of the community and host donation classes in the comfort of your own studio! We have made it so simple and effortless…cuz that’s how we roll.


We are so excited to announce the month of  January, in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea,  Kate Yoga Studio will be hosting donation classes provided by Amanda White on Fridays 830am. Starting on January 15th and running through 7/15/16!!!! WOW – 6 months of donation classes with Amanda at this beuatiful boutique studio – RIGHT ACROSS from THE BEACH!!!!!

When we asked Kate – her “why” – this was her reply…

Kate: The bigger question to me is “WHY NOT?”

Kate Yoga is committed to helping others live more vibrant and meaningful lives through the practice of yoga.

This studio embraces the mission of helping others find their individual strengths and uniqueness.

We believe that anything is possible when you believe in yourself and others.

Through the practice of yoga, we strive to inspire others to become the best possible versions of themselves; through this we hope to make the world a better place each and every day.

Please join Amanda on the mat in a beautiful space near and dear to our hearts…

Kate Yoga and Amanda – we thank you!!!!!




Do you want your studio to be next????   We are ready to support your heart’s desire to give back! You don’t have to be a YG graduate, or have an active program in your area. This is an effortless way to support the youth with messages of love, empowerment, hope and so much more!

Next steps –

  • Pick a month
  • Schedule a weekly donation class
  • Send a note to and let her know you are ready to be part of the movement!

We will feature your studio in our NATIONAL newsletter, create a Karma Yoga presence in your space and also provide your studio with a tax deductible receipt. We can even help you sell some swanky Yoga Gangsters gear!

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