Monthly Love

We know how awesome it feels when you hit that send button and that donation is on it’s way – it’s sorta why we give you the opportunity to make it happen. We have simplified this even further for you. Monthly giving is a necessity for any organization like ours and it’s an energetic “hell yeah” when the email lands in our hands(each month), which fuels our fire to keep rockin’ the Yoga Gangster love. We are keepin’ it simple and offering you 3 options to support us.

  • Class – $17 per month
  • Member – $79 per month
  • Angel – $108 per month

What does the monthly donation get you? Good karma, love from the community and more so a way to support us when you don’t have the option to give your time. 

Where doe the funds go? After it goes to the bank…it comes to our operating budget which is in 3 chunks:

  • Program fees
  • Admin fees
  • Fundraising Fees

If you want a better breakdown of what that looks like – email our  Executive Director: for a personal walk through our 990 (tax docs every 501c3 has to have!)








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