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Get to know some of our active Yoga Gangster teachers who are bringing the gift of yoga to youth all throughout South Florida and more! (More of our national yogis coming soon)

Christa Cantillo

Austrian-Cuban Miami native Christa Cantillo has always made physical fitness
 and natural wellness a part of her life.  However, Yoga was always something she wanted to incorporate into her
 life. It was not until she was introduced to Ashtanga and Power Yoga
 that she was hooked!
 Having fun flowing through postures (asanas) while connecting mind, body and breath. Creating a meditation in motion while increasing strength and
 flexibility. Working the body 
from the inside out. Feeling recharged and full of energy when class was over.
 She could not imagine life without it.

She received her Yoga certification in 2008 at Miami Yoga Shala with Fred Busch and Paul Toliuszis. She has been living her dream ever since as a full-time instructor teaching Power/Vinyasa Yoga, Pre-natal Yoga, Anti-Gravity Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Real Ryder, & Power Plate. Of course, Christa’s other passion is volunteering her time with Yoga Gangsters while introducing yoga to teens and at-risk youth.

When she is not teaching she is enjoying her own movement skateboarding, biking, swimming, practicing yoga, taking workshops as well as enjoying Miami’s ocean. Spending time outdoors with friends, family & dog.

Christina Pumo

Christina Pumo has been practicing yoga since 2007.  She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Miami in Nursing, and currently works full time as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in an adult intensive care unit.  Yoga is where Christina is able to find her center and dive deep within herself; allowing surrender, abundance, love, peace, connection, and growth.   Yoga Gangsters is an organization that allows her to share this gift of yoga with at-risk youth.  She especially enjoys volunteering with children who have medical needs. Through Yoga Gangsters, Christina is not only able to impact the lives of those she teaches, but she herself has been forever impacted.  Every interaction with these children continues to be a new lesson learned and an experience which goes beyond words.  Currently she is pursuing the path of a yoga teacher under the guidance of Terri Cooper’s 305 University.  Christina is a Miami native who loves the sun, sand, ocean, and her beagle Toby.

Gisele Omores

The first class I took at Shores Yoga (now known as 305 Yoga) – with Terri Cooper – 5 years ago, changed my Life forever. I am so grateful for that day and all the rich experiences that were to follow.
Yoga opened my eyes and made me a better person. It helps me grow and helps me heal, everyday. It allows me to learn about – and better understand – myself, which in turn allows me to better understand and serve others. When I teach Yoga, I humbly want to share and pass on the Beauty, the Love, the Strength and the sense of Peace one can really find in this blessed practice. The expression on people’s face when coming out of Savasana is a wonderful reward, each and every time.
One of my most cherished memories is teaching my outreach class at Overtown Youth Center, as part of my Chakra Flow Teacher Training project – and watching a little girl in the front row, sit in the Lotus position right after Savasana, open her eyes, look around her with a smile and exclaim “Wow, I feel so much prettier!”  That made my heart melt!
Gisele shares her love of Yoga in her studio on Brickell, where she also teaches the Power Plates, helping and coaching  people towards a better way of Life, physically, mentally and spiritually. Learn more at
Giuilana Olivo

After many years of looking for “something” that could make the shift in my life by helping myself and by helping others, Yoga came to me as a beautiful and powerful instrument and I knew right away that it was the right path. Yoga is the perfect companion for my spiritual practice. I want to share the light, the love, the compassion, the balance, the truth and teaching Yoga Outreach programs helps me accomplish that.

In addition to teaching yoga, I am a reiki master and student of A Course in Miracles. I have also studied in Terri Cooper’s 305 University. In my professional life, I am a Director of Operations for a television station.

“When I help others, I help myself. When I love others, I love myself. When I teach others, I learn”                                                                                                                                   “Yoga is a tool to connect with yourself and, for instance, to become who you really are”

Laura Clower Mirando

Laura has been practicing yoga for 8 years and just recently completed her RYT certification in 2011. Yoga was a light in the darkness for Laura. Her belief is that yoga truly changes lives, changes people, and shifts the perspective of those who practice regularly. Yoga has the power to heal, and should be shared with anyone that wants yoga in their life. Yoga is the best medicine you can get! She became inspired to teach and share the gift of yoga to others after yoga helped her find her inner peace, calm, happiness, strength, confidence, and really changed the course of her life!

Immediately upon completion of teacher training, Laura knew she wanted to bring yoga to those who needed it the most. She wasn’t exactly sure what or how but she knew it was her calling. By way of a friend she was introduced to Yoga Gangsters and knew it was exactly the right path. She completed her Yoga Outreach Certification and is excited to help establish a presence for Yoga Gangsters in Palm Beach County. Laura enjoys working with teenagers and women & children’s shelters.

Aside from yoga, Laura is passionate about helping people discover and assist in making the transition to a healthier lifestyle. She is a registered yoga teacher, chef, and is currently taking classes in life coaching and holistic nutrition at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Laura provides support in holistic lifestyle coaching, healthy meal planning, personal chef services, teaches classes at Anuttara Yoga Shala in Deerfield Beach, private yoga instruction, and yoga outreach.

“You are a vessel of love and light: remember your strength; remember why you are here; let your light shine!”

Nicole Edwards

I love yoga because it rejuvenates me! It makes me wake up and realize where I am stuck, holding on and where I need to let go. It restores my breathing, flexibility, and strength, both internally and externally. I wanted to become certified to teach yoga for a long time but just never found the time. Creating time for myself to take care of my body has been the greatest gift of all. I want to share that gift with others and that’s why I decided to do outreach programs. I was certified with Terri’s Yoga Gangsters Outreach Intensive and I currently volunteer at The Children’s Rehab Network.

I am working toward certification to be a yoga instructor too. I have been practicing for about 5 years off and on, but only recently have become more serious about pursuing yoga as an instructor. I like teaching those with high stress jobs, and those who may not classify their jobs as stressful but who get stressed anyway! I am a board certified music therapist working with Catholic Hospice in Miami, FL. I enjoy discovering new ways of combining my background in both music and yoga to create a relaxing, rejuvenating experience for all! On the side, I enjoy spending time with my family, relaxing in the sun, singing, dancing and helping others. Music and yoga inspire me to “keep my chin up even when things seem challenging!” Connect with me via Facebook. 

Pamela Jones

Pamela Jones is a self-professed yogaholic with a severe case of Wanderlust carrying her yoga mat from India to Bali and everywhere else she shoots. She is an award-winning International photographer that creates images that captivate, intrigue & inspire.

She donates her photography skills to Operation Smile missions in Southeast Asia and NGO’s in South Africa working with HIV + Woman and Children where she also started a yoga program. She organized Haiti ‘Les Visages de Joie” an exhibition of her work from Haiti that raised money for Haitian Charities working on relief efforts on the ground there.

She has studied yoga with the likes of Shiva Rae & Seane Corn and is currently leading yoga retreats around the world thur her intentional travel company OmLuxe,”Divine Destinations for the Conscious Connoisseur”. Connect with Pamela at

Sandra Moreno Papadimitriou

Sandy is a mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, retired Air Traffic Controller and a “forever” student of Yoga!   She found her breath through her first practice of Yoga in Honolulu (2001), continued her practice in LA and then Miami where she was energetically drawn to her Guru and friend Gaia Budhai, founder of Synergy Yoga – where she received her 300 hour RYT.  Sandy’s passion is “Teen Yoga”. Being a mom of three and observing the youth in her local communities created an urgent desire to spread the authenticity of the yoga practice.

“Yoga was my most valuable tool in dealing with transformation. I was able to stay still, go inward, and feel and honor my breath, which was life transforming to me. Assisting Terri and Marisol with the Yoga Gangsters mission is a high priority on my list!! I am a lover of life and love to engage in many activities such as kite surfing(one of my favorites), dancing, running, biking, skiing, hiking, soccer, traveling, cooking, chanting, reading, Yoga and more Yoga….”  Contact Sandra via

Sara Richmond

I’ve been practicing yoga off an on for about 10 years and recently I decided to take my practice to the next level. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom of 3 kids for the last 10 years and love working and being around children. Taking the Yoga Gangsters Outreach Workshop changed my life because it has given me the opportunity to finally achieve my goal of giving back to others. Through my yoga, I’m able to spend time with miraculous children and my experiences have left me energized and excited to keep moving forward in my practice. My next goal is to become an RYT yoga teacher so I can help others benefit from yoga and the amazing feeling it leaves you.

Tamara Kenigsberg 

Tamara was drawn to yoga for its physical benefits in 2003 while living in New York City, spending her days as a publicist. As she became more dedicated to her yoga practice, Tamara recognized that yoga was not only building strength and flexibility in her body, but also in her mind. Everything that she learned on the mat helped quiet her mind in the city that never sleeps! After receiving her 200-hour Hatha/Vinyasa certification at the Om Factory in New York City, Tamara began teaching her creative and playful Vinyasa flow classes in NYC and the Hamptons.  As a native South Floridian with deep roots in Miami, Tamara is back to share her passion for yoga, serving her students with love, light and  gratitude.

Please mail all donation checks made payable to Yoga Gangsters; to the following: PO Box 771978, Coral Springs, 33077

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