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WHO: Yoga Gangsters is a Miami-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to empower youth by addressing the symptoms of trauma and poverty such as limited education, addiction, violence, incarceration, teen pregnancy, homelessness and more using the practice of yoga, to deliver messages of empowerment around self respect, self control, and self awareness.

WHAT: Yoga Gangsters serves under served communities by providing  free yoga classes, teaching the practice of yoga to kids in crisis and at-risk youth in schools, jails, youth centers, homeless shelters, rehabs, foster centers and through other non-profit organizations.

HOW: We provide 6 weeks of programming and visit the location one hour per week for 6 weeks! You see us same day, same time, same teachers, 6 weeks in a row. We provide the teachers you provide the space. This helps us build connection, teach integrity and maintain a sustainable commitment for programs, teachers and students. And we have learned…this leaves the students wanting more!

As of October 2014, Yoga Gangsters has trained over 1200 volunteer yoga teachers who have led weekly yoga programs in over 150 inner city  youth centers and non-profit organizations.  Since 2010, the organization has shared the empowerment of yoga with over 10k+ children, teens and young adults, nationally.

Yoga Gangsters has also raised considerable funds to support global projects that we believe in such as the Africa Yoga Project, Khushi Charitable Society (India), and organizations in Haiti, Uganda, and other impoverished communities.  Our primary partner is Off The Mat Into The World, and we are committed to their goals and mission.

Global Fundraising to Date

2009 – Off the Mat Into the World’s Global Seva Challenge benefitting Uganda – $25,000
2010 – Outreach in India benefiting Khushi Charitable Society – $25,000
2010 – Yoga Aid benefiting Off the Mat Into the World & Africa Yoga Project – $30,000
2011 – Yoga Aid benefiting Yoga Gangsters – $40,000                                                  
 2012 – Yoga Aid Benefiting Yoga Gangsters – $95,000
2013 – Yoga Gangster’s Challenge – $57,000
2014 – Yoga Gangster’s Challenge – $60,000

Please mail all checks made payable to Yoga Gangsters; to the following: PO Box 771978, Coral Springs, 33077

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