My Life-Changing 3-Day Journey ~by Elvin Noriega

We are so excited to announce our newest addition to the Yoga Gangsters family of interns.  He is one of our youngest and certainly on the path to a beautiful future. He took the 15 hour YG certification with Terri in the Ft. Myers area and fell madly in love and “changed”. He wanted to be a bigger part of YG and reached out with a request to support us. Elvin is energetic, creative and a beautiful asset to our team of interns and professionals.  He will also be hosting and developing a fun new Instagram challenge to help raise awareness and much needed funds to continue the programs locally and nationally!


My Life-Changing 3-Day Journey

by Elvin Noriega

We all want that moment in our lives where we think, “Wow, this is my destiny”. In the Yoga Gangsters Outreach Certification Training, I had that thought… about 50 times.

 It was so much more than just a training. It was THE experience. It was a chance to share my story in a private, judgement-free zone. It was a time to unfold and discover myself; my true passion, my deepest emotions and the feelings I am afraid of letting go.

Yoga Gangsters 3-day training gave us the chance to connect with our inner-selves to discover that spark that inspires us to share our practice with at-risk youth. Terri Cooper’s light radiated through the room and into our souls as she shared her story and helped us discover our similarities through a variety of activities.

My absolute favorite moment was during the 2-hour yoga session. From asana to asana, Terri had us in deep thoughts. I was thinking about stuff that I’ve never taken the time to reflect on. It was wonderful to be able to let go of all of that and feel so serene and peaceful with myself and the class.

On top of the emotional experience, we were being taught about the individuals we were hoping to inspire. The lectures were motivating because Terri does not only speak, but gets us involved as well. She wants us to share our thoughts. She wants us to connect.


It fills my heart to be able to live my life with Yoga Gangsters teachings. Which is why I want to share a few with you:

#1 – Trauma is the root of all imbalance – Whether it is biological, physiological, emotional, mental, behavioral, or spiritual imbalance, it is caused by traumatic experiences, usually early on in childhood. Trauma is something that overwhelms the nervous system. It leaves an individual unable to fully process the experience, which leads to a deregulated nervous system.

#2 – Our nervous systems are always seeking survival – We crave life. We do whatever is necessary to stay alive. Therefore all of our actions are a form of survival, and we cannot blame others nor ourselves. It’s just the way life works, and that’s okay.

#3 – Connection is Key – A connection is that warming feeling of shared energy between people. Once I make that connection with an individual, so many more doors open that I feel overwhelmed with happiness because change is happening. Just a simple connection leads to an extraordinary result.

 If you ever have the chance to attend Yoga Gangsters Outreach Certification, DO IT. I can certainly guarantee you will leave the training inspired. It was a true honor to be welcomed with so much love and acceptance. I gained a new profound love for yoga and its teachings. Please, get involved. It will change your life forever. Like Gandhi once said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Let’s be the change.

Elvin_photo teaching


2 Comments on My Life-Changing 3-Day Journey ~by Elvin Noriega

  1. Love this, Elvin! Bravo.

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