Inspiration from the mat

The room is a blank canvas waiting to support the connection and love about to unfold, empty but for a few chairs, books and a bin of yoga mats with a stale odor. The chill in the air is nice on a hot summer day, but short lived when the youth come in and heat it up. It’s bright with natural and florescent light; kill the lights – check. Light the incense – check (no more stinky feet issues), set the music to a recurring simple AUM…Immediate curiosity happens as they begin to trickle in to see their YG’s seated, calm and smiling.

“What is that smell?” – yup, got em now! “Why does it feel so calm in here?”


The youth we serve are beautiful, eager, jaded, cautious and sometimes resistant. But when the trust is given and they look you in the eye and share your heart with them, this is when magic happens. You see a softening, then you feel it in your heart, your belly and then your eyes share it back. That is the magical moment of pure connection. Maybe it takes a few weeks; maybe it occurs the 2nd visit. As a YG volunteer I stay open to the magic that unfolds when the mat unrolls and the sweet lights (youth) step upon their magic carpet. I continue to enjoy the energetic and spontaneous moments of a free form beat box throw down on the mat, keeping it fun, connective, invigorating, interesting and FREE spirited. When we shift to what we think it should be, we lose the essence of service, we lose the visceral experience and stay stuck in our own mind.


We have so many beautiful gifts to share; otherwise we would not have been called to service on this path. Whether we serve anonymously, boldly or somewhere in between, we heard the call, felt the pull and had that gut sensation to share our heart. We continue to serve wholeheartedly and would love to share the indescribable journey service brings to your life.

G hug

For our volunteers who have had the courage to step on the mat with youth, thank you. For those still toying with the idea, know what you bring with your heart will win out every time. When we show up completely present, to serve, to play and empower we all connect and walk away smiling, softened, grounded and floating all at the same time…nothing quite like a service high!



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