In 6 weeks….


Magic happens, hearts open and not only do kids get the tools but the volunteers get the healing. These are results of what we do when we step into fearlessness….Magic, connection, empowerment, love and life changing decisions. I am the lucky one to get the emails…I will share this one with you~

“A 16 year old boy who lives at (center name withheld for privacy) where we had the program recently was quiet and did not really participate in the yoga. He moved into the group home mid program, did yoga once, and never did it again. I know that he struggled with meth and ended up in the home and does not have family involvement, but don’t know much else about him. He never really talked much and when Jen and I went to the house, I always said hi and he normally just hi and nodded his head and smiled at us and went about his business. Occasionally he would ask us questions about meditation, separating the mind and body, and how nutrition and physical activity related to mental health. 

He told me the other day that while he did not participate in the yoga, he wanted to thank all involved because he was so inspired by the idea of a non-profit like Yoga Gangsters that he decided to form his own ‘group’ that he one day hopes to maybe turn into a non-profit. This group is going to focus on health, wellness, and an active lifestyle to promote wellbeing and strength for teenagers and kids in the ‘system’, where it is so hard to get nutrition food, exercise, etc. He has recruited kids from other group homes, school, TASC (drug testing place for kids on probation), various treatment centers and he is also recruiting different fitness and yoga instructors in the Tempe/Phoenix area to donate their time to come to the kids and teach them about nutrition, wellness, and how the mind and body connect. SO AWESOME! This is a great example of how one might think that a kid gets nothing out of the yoga or our presence, but he was impacted greatly and now aiming to inspire others! Creating a ripple effect of awesomeness.”

Amazing ladies of the Tempe/Phoenix Gangster tribe – We fricking love you~

 Please help us grow, maintian and deepen the profound chamges this community is doing NOW!


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