What is a Yoga Gangster anyway?

We often get some interesting emails asking about our name “Gangsters” and some push back from centers who feel we glorify the “gangster” culture and even celebrate the violence connected with it. Those of you who know who we are and how we roll with our “Gangster” selves, we know…for those who may question…here is a clear understanding…a Yoga Gangster is a person:

“Someone who intentionally utilizes their thoughts, words and actions to empower humanity. Qualities include compassion, acceptance, awareness, health and willingness to grow and develop oneself and to support the healing of others & the planet”

We are a collective movement of unity, peace and connection. We don’t see separation, we see the soul’s need for connection, we see the soul’s need for light, for love and for hope. It is our mission, our soul’s fire to share the messages of hope, empowerment, self respect, self control and self awareness through the practice of yoga. We are redefining what the terminology is equated with and it’s a perfect opportunity of connection. It’s this connection that grabs the youth’s attention and once we have them, we move them, we inspire and uplift them. We may be the only ones for the day that have provided them an opportunity to be seen exactly where they are.

We inspire hundreds, we have moved thousands, you in?

Join our newsletter to get updates of the latest centers in your community that host our programs. If you feel called to join the movement and aren’t sure how you can support us…monetary support is greatly appreciated as we dig deeper into the markets we have programming. If you want to locate some volunteers, hit us up – Jodi@yogagangsters.org


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