Meet our Executive Director, Jodi Weiner

We are super stoked to put a face (and smile) to the Executive Director for our organization.

For those of you who have not met the very quiet and shy, (insert sarcasm here) Jodi…enjoy.

To learn more about her journey with YG, keep an eye on our blogs (here) or reach out to her via Facebook, she is always happy to connect with community!

Jodi will be leading our next training scheduled January 10-12, 2014 in Weston at the Bonaventure Resort. Her awareness and skill around trauma and how it shows up in our kids, not just the ones “labeled”  is insightful and highly educational and will empower connection. She grew up disempowered and was fortunate enough to not be “systemized”. Her scars are her fuel and she shares them openly. Bullied, abused, shut down through her childhood, Jodi has couragously owned her story and is excited to share the lessons of her path so that each one of the YG grads feel supported, connected and valued within the Yoga Gangster movement. Connect with her infectious energy and learn exactly how to take your passion for youth in crisis deeper with the Yoga Gangster Movement.


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