Why Yoga Gangsters ?

You found your way to this path – now what? It seems it can be overwhelming, this deep call to help; to make a difference. I know exactly how you feel. It took me over 40 years to find a really great place to take all the life lessons and all the “aha’s” and roll them into something that mattered not just to the big picture but to me too. There are countless human injustices that have pulled me to serve. It wasn’t until I became a parent that the call got the loudest. Service shows up in so many ways. Your call to serve is a deafening tug at the heart. Quiet the “what if’s” and “I’m not sure” voices and tune into to the call of the heart so  you can live the change.

Kids in crisis are scared. They are stuck in a system that runs on survival; food, clothing, shelter, safety. When the bare necessities are met for them, how do they stay hopeful and think of what life could be outside their own prison of their trauma? How do they look beyond the scars and see they are not their story, they are meant for greatness and are not defined by the circumstances their family created?

Join the movement to empower kids in crisis through the gifts of yoga. Empower them through messages of hope, faith, integrity, self control, self respect and self awareness. Your support totally matters and yes you really do make a difference to them. It takes one hour in service to these kids for you to get it. It’s a visceral knowing in your core, the light in their eyes grows, their breath deepens and a wash of peace comes…if only for a moment.

Always in service, Jodi, Executive Director, YG



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