March Programming Recap!

Yoga Gangsters has been extra busy this month with new programs and events throughout the community. This blog post will give you an inside look at what we’ve been up to!

First off, we are so excited to announce 2 new yoga programs at the Children’s Rehab Network, a prescribed pediatric extended care program with 2 locations in Miami. In this innovative program we combine yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises), aromatherapy, sensory light therapy, massage therapy and music to create a stimulating yet relaxing experience for over 60 children ages infant to teens all with various medical conditions. Plus, we have had the amazing opportunity to bring yoga to various children in wheelchairs! Program led by Marisol Tamez, Danica Posadas, Christina Pumo, Nicole Edwards and Sara Richmond. (Images via

We have also created new programs within the Miami-Dade County School System. At Toussaint Louverture Elementary in Little Haiti, Yoga Gangsters leads an after-school yoga program for over fifty 5th graders who are learning how yoga and meditation can be effective tools to release stress caused by school and test-taking. The students have been so enthusiastic about learning yoga that some are even teaching their other friends how fun yoga can be! Program led by Tamara Kenigsberg, Sandra Moreno Papadimitriou and Nadine Wolff. More photos here.

Yoga Gangsters is also currently leading a new 6-week program at iPrep Academy, a new Miami-Dade Charter school, where over 60 high school students are discovering the many benefits of yoga! Program led by Christa Cantillo, Giuliana Olivo and Natalya Kraeva. More photos here.

Yoga Gangsters has recently teamed up with The Village South, where we are teaching yoga to teen girls in a residential substance abuse treatment program. We are so delighted and inspired by their enthusiasm to participate! Program led by Tamara Kenigsberg, Pamela Jones and Renata Guarino.

In addition to our ongoing programs, Yoga Gangsters participates in many one day events throughout the community. City Year Miami is one of the organizations that we LOVE working with! This month we presented “Stress Reduction Techniques for FCAT Season” to over 100 of their corp members. These dedicated leaders are now returning to high-need schools and neighborhoods throughout the county in order to spread the knowledge of how yoga and meditation can be used to decrease stress and increase focus at school. Led by Yoga Gangsters founder, Terri Cooper, along with Marisol Tamez, Christina Pumo and Natalya Kraeva.

Later during the month, Yoga Gangsters presented for City Year’s Young Heroes program, a youth leadership initiative for Dade-County middle school students. During our time with this fabulous group of youth, we were able to share how yoga is an excellent means to decrease violence and find peaceful ways of being. Led by Yoga Gangsters founder, Terri Cooper, along with Marisol Tamez, Christina Pumo, Paola Pinto and Terri Ahern.

To end our month with a bang, Yoga Gangsters headed down south to Le Jardin, an Early/Head Start school in Homestead, Florida where we led a yoga class for teachers and staff. During our time, we shared how yoga is helpful not only for their students, but also for themselves as educators who make a huge image in the development of each child. Led by Marisol Tamez, Barbara Alfonso, Melinda Matthews and Natalie Romero.

BIG THANKS to all of our volunteers, supporters, and donors who make our work possible. Be sure to follow our blog, “Like” us on Facebook, or follow our Twitter to stay up-to-date with Yoga Gangsters’ positive action throughout the community!!!


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